A little insight into Michèle’s journey so far
My first passion and professional endeavour was in dance/acting but it was 18 years ago, when I stepped into Eurythmy while I taught French in a Steiner school, that I felt I had found “home”. This was the movement that made sense, this was action, purpose, performance, teaching and healing all encompassed into one. My past, present and future became clear in this one art.
After completing my training as a Eurythmist in London, I have been teaching at the St. Michael Steiner school to children of all ages, from kindergarten to Class 12, as well as parents.
In 2016 I completed my MA in Eurythmy, a two-year course that deepened my work and relationship with the art form.
I have led workshops at Steiner House, the Goetheanum International Eurythmy Conference, St. Michael’s Teachers’ Summer Conferences and the Priest Synod in London.
Aside from my teaching, I have performed extensively with London Eurythmy in Great Britain, Europe and India.
A few years ago the need to bring Eurythmy’s transforming forces to a wider group — not only within but also beyond anthroposophical circles — in the form of summer retreats arose in me. The past retreats that have happened so far have exceeded my expectations and become spaces for meaningful exploration and healing experiences not only for the participants but also for myself.​​​​​​​
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