The Four Elements - Retreat 2021 ​​​​​​​
This retreat invited us to penetrate the matter of our being by taking us through movement into our inner mineral world, the substance of water within us, the air within and around us, and the taste and fury of the flames around and settling into the silent one within.
That weekend, the fiery Lion portal danced around us through our moving together, and the Destiny of participants (mine included) on the retreat was brought into line. The seed of my fourth Retreat was planted, its name - The Higher Love (summer 2022).

The Divine Feminine and Masculine - Retreat 2020
Through the global crisis that year, we were forced to salvage the retreat and bring it back to the the beautiful lands of Sussex in the UK. Nevertheless, the great Andean Spirit followed us back to the UK and filled our weekend with the warmth and glow of these ancient lands, calling forth an understanding of the Divinity at work within our being, and fusing the Sacred Masculine and Feminine into One.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
The Divine Feminine and Masculine - Retreat 2020 UK
This one was to take us to the faraway lands of the Ancient Incas, and into Sacred Sites of Peru to explore The Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine, which was filled with the great Spirit of our forefathers from the Andes.

Consciousness - Retreat 2019 
The first retreat took us to the Lake District and filled my soul with food beyond my intellectual understanding, entering and growing consciousness with and through movement.
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